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About CPowellStudio

Before the written word, there were cave paintings. Mankind's earliest histories were recorded and told through pictures. Our earliest story tellers were artists. History books may belong to the victorious, but the struggles and triumphs of humanity's everyday life can be found with it's artists.

I love to paint. As a child, I was always creative. I had a fondness for the world of fantasy artists. I was doodling and drawing all the time. When I entered college I tried to apply my hand to the genre. I failed miserably. It took years of on and off study to attain my degree. Throughout my schooling, I spent a lot of time looking for direction. It was during my final year that I began to channel my struggles and frustrations into my art. Drawing upon the challenges I was experiencing, I was able to illicit viewers through the use of color, texture, and evoked emotion. 

These are my stories. I invite you to take a journey with me..

In May of 2008, I graduated from Northern Arizona University with a Bachelors of Fine Arts Oil Painting Emphasis.

All images displayed herein are the artistic and intellectual property of Christopher Powell and CPowellStudio.

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